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A new report says that Apple and Hyundai Motor Co. have agreed to partner on an autonomous all-electric car.

Korea IT News first reported the potential partnership, which would aim to put a vehicle into production by 2024.

Apple has been working on a car project since as early as 2014. Dubbed “Project Titan,” the company explored building its own car from scratch. However, the company reportedly abandoned those efforts to focus on automotive software. In 2018, Apple tapped former Tesla employee Doug Field to manage the project.

Last month rumors of Apple’s efforts to build a car started up again. And, the car is expected to feature a breakthrough battery technology. A Reuters report called the battery tech “next level, like “the first time you saw the iPhone.”

A Reuters article noted that a previous version of the Korea IT article said the companies planned to build the cars at Kia Motors’ factory in Georgia, or invest jointly in a new factory in the U.S. to produce 100,000 vehicles around 2024. “The full annual capacity of the proposed plant would be 400,000 vehicles,” the report said.

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